Bring Back the Fake Spec! Joke Issues Dead This April 1

The Washington Post indicates that April 1 “joke issues” of school papers, laden with fake news and goofy headlines, may be a thing of the past — come tomorrow, you will have to read (or ignore) the same boilerplate. Spectator EIC Ben Cotton says a joke issue, which had run in past years,

sets up a whole slew of ethical issues — trying to toe the line between what’s funny and what’s an inappropriate comment about a person or subject we purport to cover objectively is asking a lot.

Yawn, boring! Brown’s Herald declares that it totally WOULD have a joke issue, but they’re on spring break right now. Just like a real coward would say! (April Fools — or is it?)

For fun pranks, one has to look outside the Ivy League, I guess! Boston University’s Free Press Editor-in-Chief, who is planning a prank issue, declares:

It’s a nice day off from hard news, barring giant stories (which we would put online), and is a fun chance to have the core staff all sit down together and write/layout the paper ourselves from scratch.

Yeah, that sounds fun, and a clearly-delineated enough tradition to ensure no toes would be stepped on. No fooling!