Toon In, Drop Out: Hot Librarians

In the past few weeks, the meteoric rise of Sarah Palin has caused us all to stop and ask ourselves some fundamental questions. Republicans crow to one another, “How could you not vote for her? She’s a woman! And she’s cute!” Democrats wail, “How could you vote for her? Just because she’s a woman? Just because she’s cute?” Yes, we’re all asking ourselves some fundamental questions. Is she hot because she’s not afraid to give birth? Is she hot because she’s not afraid to shoot a gun? Is she hot because she looks like a librarian? A LILF, that is. For intelligent answers to the latter question, we turn to the Brown Daily Herald. For lame ass drawings of polar bears, we turn to the Harvard Crimson. All of this and more, just after the jump.

Harvard Crimson, Rajarshi Banerjee (Friday 9/12): Lame Ass Drawings of Polar Bears

I have lambasted the Crimson again and again for their egregious cartoons. Ignoring the content of this travesty for a second, can we ask why our friend Mr. Banerjee felt he was unable to finish the cartoon? I mean, the bears are dotted lines. And if you were going to publish a cartoon in what might be the most widely circulated college newspaper in the country, wouldn’t you take a few moments to use a ruler so that the caption didn’t slant? Especially since the Pennsylvanian published a more polished, funnier, and all around better polar bear cartoon yesterday. But then again, is there anyone who knows anything about politics who actually cares about the fucking polar bears?

Daily Princetonian, Mariah Min, Isha Di Bartolo, and Cincin Fang (Monday 9/8, Thursday 9/11, and Friday 9/12): Back to Oblivion

While the majority of the cartoonists in the Ivy League wrestle with issues of politics and other such weighty matters, here at Princeton we like to ignore issues that affect real people and focus on the minutiae of our own lives. I always love watching overwhelmed freshmen confront the difficulties of college life, like purchasing salsa, especially when they look like members of Team Rocket. Also, the blonde girl in that last cartoon looks like a greyhound.

Brown Daily Herald, Pete Fallon (Wednesday 9/10): Hot Librarians

Where the Crimson goes wrong, the Herald scores big. Instead of making fun of the most picayune part of Sarah Palin’s picayune past, the cartoon contains actual criticism about the McCain campaign’s decision to choose her and the problems that accompany a democracy that relies on visual media. The drawing is crisp, and the mock e-mail adds a new depth to the standard caption.

Anyway, this cartoon got me thinking about hot librarians. First I tried my luck with some sweet anime. But then I realized, Princeton has 16 libraries and many more librarians. In fact, I decided to go scope it out for myself, and this is what I found:

Well, after finding such tremendous success, I thought, “What does the rest of the Ivy League have to offer?” Last year, you voted on the hottest professor in the Ivy League. And so I bring the challenge to you, reader. E-mail me ( pictures of the hottest librarian at your school, and I will post your name and the winning picture in a future post.